Greater Atlanta Bass Club

Club Overview

The Greater Atlanta Bass Club is based in Atlanta, Georgia and fishes bass tournaments on Lake Lanier, along with occasional trips to blue-chip lakes around the southeast.  While members enjoy the competition provided by the tournaments, equally important is the camaraderie fostered among the members and the platform that the club provides to share fishing techniques, learn from each other, and become better bass fishermen. We are a team-based club, so members join as a team and fish together all season.  We welcome anglers of all skills levels.  Teams that are new to bass fishing will find that joining Greater Atlanta Bass Club is an excellent way to quickly learn the tools necessary to become a better bass angler. The club encourages family participation and has included many successful teams comprised of family members.  If you are looking to become a better fisherman and enjoy some friendly competition, the Greater Atlanta Bass Club is for you.  We hope you will join us!

‚ÄčTournament Format

  Entry Fee:  $60 per team

  Format: Team (Bring Own Partner/Boat)
  Payout: 1 in 5 places
  Big Fish:  1 place;  Included in Entry Fee
  Lakes/Ramps:  See Schedule Page 
  Limit:  5-fish limit (reduced in hot weather)

  Classic: Fish 5+ Events to Qualify